Hello! I created this space to share my thoughts and experiences. It is part personal and part professional – a reflection of how I live my life. When your work and passions intersect, well, it’s hard not blur the lines a bit.

My life and career have largely been highlighted by rich international experiences. From an early age, my parents instilled the values of exploration, diversity and empathy – the ability to see the world from another’s perspective. After a school trip in 2003 to Costa Rica, which included a home stay with a local family, I was hooked. Since then, the ability to travel and experience new cultures have largely been the barometers with which I evaluate life decisions. 

Through my work, I have developed a passion for the powerful change that happens when values-based companies scale in the emerging markets and create sustainable opportunities for the people living within them. In the future, I hope to start an impact investing fund that specializes in emerging/frontier markets, and that includes sustainable community impact and quality of leadership as part of its investment thesis.  



My public speaking focuses on the personal growth that comes from intentionally placing oneself in uncomfortable environments, and how this can help us lead bravely in today’s ever-changing world. 

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I have traveled to 36 countries, lived in South Africa and India, and worked on five continents. Recently, I completed a 30xThirty goal that I set when I was 18 years old and had only been to three countries. 



In my monthly blog, For What It's Worth, I offer a unique and unfiltered perspective on a variety of topics of interest to me including business, finance, innovation, and development in emerging markets.